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  • Resume
    The average resume is read in 6 seconds to rule you OUT. Embedding key words to ensure you get found by recruiters and hiring managers and eliminating common rejection words & phrases can make the difference from being hired or being ignored.

  • Interview / Salary Negotiation
    Knowing how to use on-line tools increases your chances of getting hired by 90%. Unemployed and were earning $50K a year is $192 a day in lost income - underpaid by $15/hour you’re losing $30,000 a year.

  • LinkedIn Personal Branding Profile
    Increase your chances of getting called by 50% by attaching your resume and using the profile page to SELL what you can offer.

  • New Graduate / Special Needs
    New graduate, relocating to a foreign country or in a prisoner release program?

  • Over Age 50
    Selling your “years of experience” just makes you seem old.

  • Mike Berg, M.Ed. Speaker / Lecturer
    High-energy presentations with an innovative mix of audio, video and participant interaction.

  • Virtual Outplacement Services
    Cost-effective web-based alternative to traditional outplacement services.

  • Veterans
    Does your resume translate military specialties that civilian employers will understand?
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  • Agency Recruiters
    Resume Services

    Your success in placing candidates is dependent on submitting resumes that present candidates as having “talent,” not just someone looking for work.
    Simply refer candidates for a no-cost phone consultation.
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The Tectonic Shift of Employment

Change Your "Locus of Control" by Looking for Customers NOT a Job

Automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the way we work and ultimately how we will make a living. See why having multiple streams of income that create cash flow can offer you a great lifestyle instead of working toward retirement as a deferred plan to enjoy your life now instead of waiting for retirement which may never arrive. Read the stories of people that are making this happen and why you need to start now to take control of your life and income. Employment security needs to be replaced by income security tied to many customers and not just one job. Get ready to change your thoughts to change your world.

Invisible to Remarkable

The employment market has changed.
The way to find work has changed.
Expect to DO a job, not HAVE a job.
Now more than ever, it's not the degree you have, who you know, or how much experience you have, that determines your employment security. Your success will be determined by whether or not you're remarkable. Randomly searching for whats available is no longer a realistic option.
This is not a book focused on job search. Its transformational thinking to help you understand and apply the concepts of personal branding to become financially independent, be successful in your career, establish yourself as being remarkable, and do work that matters.
In today's job market, you need to sell yourself as talent, not just someone looking for work.

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TheJobClinic Remarkable Insights Live Stream

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More than just job search - also transformational thinking to create your own brand.

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About Us

TheJobClinic began as an inspiration from a piece of paper posted on a mirror at a gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
It read, "Change Your Thoughts to Change Your World".
I went home that night thinking about the profound implications of that statement.
Several days later, I was sitting in the WNN radio studio getting ready for my talk show focused on how to find or change jobs, when I realized that I had discovered 5 core concepts that were to become the essence of my career as a job search coach and employability skills trainer.

1. Change your thoughts to change your world.
2. You become what you think about most of the time.
3. If you aren't REMARKABLE, you’re INVISIBLE.
4. Your income will almost always be in direct proportion to the number of people you serve.
5. Skip the "deferred life plan" focused on retirement and architect a life focused on cash flow to enjoy the present.

Mike Berg, M.Ed.
The Job Doctor

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