TheJobClinic began as an inspiration from a crumbled piece of paper posted on a mirror in a restroom at a gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It read, "Change Your Thoughts to Change Your World". I went home that night thinking about the profound implications of that statement.

Several days later, I was sitting in the WNN Studio getting ready for my radio talk show focused on how to find or change jobs, when I realized that I had discovered 5 core concepts that were to become the essence of my career as a job search coach and employability skills trainer.

"Change Your Thoughts to Change Your World"

"You Become What You Think About Most of the Time" 

"If you aren't REMARKABLE, you're INVISIBLE"

"Your Income Will Almost Always Be In Direct Proportion

To The Number of People You Serve" 

"Defy The Traditional "Deferred Life Plan" Focused on Retirement and Architect a Lifestyle Focused on Living In The Present" 

Combining These 5 Insights with research on the changing world of work globally, I realized that going forward, job security needed to be replaced by income security and to make this happen, almost everyone needs to become their own personal brand. 

It became apparent that in the new world of work, people would go from having a job to doing a job regardless of whether or not they worked for an employer or were self employed. 

Educating people on this paradigm shift using transformational thinking became my new mission in life. Together we will work to help you become remarkable, be financially independent and do work that matters.

Mike Berg, M.Ed.


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