A Word that Changed the Reality of You Becoming Remarkable


The word is access.

On a recent trip to Vietnam, I discovered that wireless connections are provided free throughout the country. What was once a vendor sitting in front of store selling motorcycle parts, is now a store-front linked to a global market with product fulfillment handled by someone in another county at a global distribution center.code-459070_960_720

Access has changed how we job search, learn, socialize, travel, communicate, build businesses, network, entertain themselves, sell, buy, and find work. This hyper-connected and fully accessible global access is now reality for almost anyone with a computer and an Internet connection.

4ebf433b00000578-6043481-image-a-9_1533819113176Consider BTS. In 2017, K-pop group BTS broke into the American music scene. Their win as the top social artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) gave them the chance to perform at the American Music Awards, making their U.S. television debut. Their press tour included appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

BTS was formed when Bang Si-hyuk began to quietly build a different kind of studio, and to cultivate the band that would become BTS. A successful songwriter and music producer, Bang began to assemble a group of teens for a boy band. This would go on to become Bangtan Boys, then BTS.

BTS’s unique use of social media has fostered the growth of a multi-language fan base

They heavily relied on using a collective YouTube and Twitter account to promote themselves online, from their humble beginnings to today’s success. Their on-line access to millions of potential fans was what propelled them to their amazing success.

Think about how access has changed our lives.

  • Opportunities – Secure a job on Indeed or LinkedIn, sell on Etsy or Amazon, or freelance through Upwork or Lyft.
  • Capital – Leverage crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo or the crowdfunding platform Patreon to turn a passion project or idea into sustainable income.
  • Connectivity – Launch a business or brand with a webcam and Wi-fi.
  • Information – Search YouTube to learn how to start a podcast, follow a news outlet on Twitter to receive instant breaking news notifications, or listen to an audiobook while on an airplane.
  • Travel – Seeing the world is easily within reach with Travelocity, Google Maps, Google Translate and Airbnb.
  • Products – Front-door delivery of the world’s best-reviewed, and most cost-effective products and services.
  • Contacts – 95% percent of Americans own a cell phone and 75 % can reach their phones 24 hours a day.
  • Audiences – Create community, test ideas, get discovered, and/or sell goods and services via social networks and online communities.
  • Cultures – Play Fortnite with someone anywhere in the world in real-time.
  • Tools – Slack, Airtable and Asana make it possible to be more efficient and productive.

net-neutralityThe only thing constraining people now is a limited ambition, lack of awareness of digital tools or insufficient knowledge to use the tools that are typically free or at a reasonable cost.

Access is your key to avoid settling for just being average. If there are better employers, superior services, or improved products out there, they can be found. Digital access has made it easy for employees to find a better company, move to a different location and learn new skills required for a new job.

Access is empowering a new generation of creators and consumers.

Become a creator using access to become remarkable recognizing that your income will almost always be in direct proportion to the people you serve.

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