Finding Value in Social Networking


Dell has made over $6 million from Twitter.

Best Buy has a customer support team (TWELPFORCE ) focused on Twitter.

How can you making social networking a valuable part of your job search?

1. Sign Up. LinkedIn is a great site, but you’ll need to do much more if you plan to make your social networking effective. Social networks require involvement. If you don’t get involved, you’ll never see any significant results. You have to give to get. You need to talk about your interests not just read others comments. Don’t worry about the numbers. Connect with a core group that is interested in what you have to say. They will provide the most value.

2. Rethink Using Twitter. It might not seem like the best choice for a business person, but Twitter is an amazing networking platform. It’s filled with people who want to get to know others, and there are many more professionals than you think. Take a look at WeFollow, . It helps you find people based on categories.

3. Discover Sales Intelligence. FaceBook and Twitter etc. can provide real value to you as a business person. They can provide you with a lot of background information on clients and employers that could help you discover an opening or get an employee referral.

Give digital networking a try. The results may surprise you!

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