From Overnight To Over Net – Are You Relevant?

FedEx made their name delivering documents overnight, anywhere in the world. Now that most documents have gone digital, the company had to reinvent itself by changing its technology to stay relevant.

It added services to help customers print documents anywhere in the world and to print more easily from mobile devices. Overseas, it added trikes to their truck inventory to access hard to reach places that were not digitally connected. Their technology now offers customers the option to transmit documents to a copy machine through a USB thumb drive or wirelessly using a smart phone. Customers can also pay for printouts at the machine and their Print Online service lets people print documents from Google Docs’ online cloud storage so they can use the service anywhere they can connect to the Internet.

Their secret to remaining competitive – being relevant.

Think about it. A company’s interest in hiring you primarily depends on your relevance.
Qualifications and experience are important, but relevancy is really the key to getting a call for an interview.

In today’s difficult economy, most companies are focused on how they can sustain themselves so that they can be around when the market gets better. Strip away the day-to-day functions of most jobs and you’ll find that really only 2 things matter to most employers.

1.       Revenue Relevance – Maintaining or increasing existing revenue.
2.       Cost Relevance – Reducing costs.

Think back just 4 years ago. The Blackberry was the hot phone to have. Now its market share is dropping fast. The Blackberry brand has lost touch with the current mobile ecosystem. RIM’s market share is down almost 50% this year. Its stock declined from a peak of $70 to less than $24 in 2011. The challenge for Blackberry, Twitter, Facebook or any company is keeping relevant.

Remember the Yellow pages?

By making yourself relevant to a potential employer’s revenue or costs you not only differentiate yourself from your competition, but more importantly, you increase the odds of getting an interview because you are in demand with something relevant to offer.

What makes you relevant to helping a company make money, save money or solve a problem?

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