The Power of Your “Job-Search Mindset”

imgresThe current economic situation of the global economy has dramatically changed businesses to focus on employees or contractors to help quickly them save money, make money or solve a problem. This corporate mentality requires you to take a fresh approach to your job search.

Now, more than ever, job seekers need to change their mindset from looking for ‘openings’ to looking for ‘opportunities.’

This means that you, as a job seeker, must look beyond job postings and move into marketing yourself to the managers of companies who are experiencing problems that you can solve.

Your qualifications need to take a back seat to clearly defined solutions to address employer needs.

You need to move away from being a passive job seeker and toward being an active problem-solver. Looking for jobs on the Internet is the least likely way to find work in this economy. Your focus needs to be on identifying companies that can use your skills to improve their profitability not just looking for posted jobs.

Stop thinking of yourself as just an assortment of job search skills. See yourself as a product to package and market, and then create your own marketing campaign to find your desired job.

Don’t look for work. Look for problems to solve.

ROISell what you can offer in terms of your return on the investment (ROI) an employer makes in you. Become a mini-profit and loss center for a potential employer.

Be prepared to demonstrate ways you have helped to positively impact the bottom line of your past or current employer by discussing ways you’ve helped make money or save money for an employer or clients.

As employees, we all touch money. Some of us may be closer to it than others. Regardless, we must find ways to prove this in short “talk tracks” when we meet with an employer during an interview.

All communication with a prospective employer should answer the question, “What’s in it for them (the employer)?”

ZapposConsider Zappos, the on-line retailer owned by Amazon. They got 32,000 applicants in 12 months and hired 1% of those that applied. They stopped posting job openings 2 years ago.

They recruit from a site where you can become a “Zappos Insider”. You select the area of the company you’re most interested in and create a profile. Then you link your social media accounts, upload your résumé or portfolio, and engage with internal team members.

Zappos then sends newsletters to every insider and invites them to join regular Twitter chats, LinkedIn discussions, Google hangouts, and other online events that help them you get to know team members. It allows Zappos to engage with the candidates that love their brand and have a ready pool of talent when an opening becomes available.

Take a closer look at this strategy.

Zappos is leading the way in how employers today find and recruit candidates. The traditional post-and-pray method is no longer effective to get an employer’s attention.

ReferralsSince the # 1 way to get a job is still through a referral tied to an internal relationship, this strategy should be your clue to focus on building relationships instead of looking for posted jobs.

Keep in mind that a relationship takes time to build so waiting to find work until you are laid off will not likely work in the new job market. Having employment security will involve a process of building relationships instead of just reacting to a change in your employment status.

Going forward, you need to become valuable related to how you can save money, make money or solve a problem for an employer. Instead of trying to match your resume to a job description, consider making an “offer” to an employer that focuses on how your skills can affect their profitability or productivity.

Think of your job search as a process not an event, and use this mindset to become remarkable and stand out from your competition.

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