"The Rule of 20"


Many job searchers today have developed a great system for sending out resumes to Internet postings.

They use template cover letters and resumes. On a good day, they may respond to 30 posted openings hoping that someone will call them.

Their strategy – exposure increases their odds of getting noticed by a potential employer. Essentially they are “advertising” that they are available.

However, the key to finding a job is NOT through advertising. Selling what you can offer and conveying how you are remarkable gets better results.

You need to understand the difference between advertising and selling.

Responding to posted jobs is like saying, “I’m interested, pick me if you think I’m qualified”. The expectation is that an employer will take the time to assess your qualifications and see if there is a match. It rarely happens.

A more effective approach is to “sell” what you can offer to an employer with clearly defined ways that you can help them save money, make money or solve a problem.

This approach requires you to research the employer and then go to them with a “solution” instead of just advertising your qualifications.

Consider trying the “Rule of 20”.

Decide on 20 employers that you want to work for. Forget about if they have a posted job or not. Your goal is to target and SELL yourself to an employer that you can help.

Think about what you can propose as an “offer of employment” uniquely focused on how you can help them save money, make money or solve a problem.

Your strategy – minimize your completion by going after non-posted jobs and be proactive instead of reactive in finding employment.

·         Set up a Google Alert to track your target companies and look for information that can help you establish a relationship within the company.
·         Use LinkedIn to find corporate contacts and follow key personnel on twitter by using corporate hash tags
·         Focus on building relationships, not just contacts with people that work for a target company.
The Pareto Principle states that generally 80% of great results are likely to come from only 20% of your efforts.

Consider reversing those numbers and focus 80% of your efforts selling what you have to offer linked to well established relationships.

The “Rule of 20” allows you to get what you WANT instead of just focusing on what’s available.

Since most jobs never get posted, offering solutions instead of advertising your qualifications is sure to put your job search back on track.


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