You Are What You Believe

FocusA major role of our unconscious mind is to filter the millions of bits of information that we’re bombarded with every day and delete, distort and generalize them, allowing us to focus on what we think is important.

When we change our focus, the world around us presents us with evidence that supports our new thoughts. Our brain likes making sense of the world, so despite the many contradictions you may encounter, you will find supporting details for your beliefs.

In the book, “The Secret”, it says, “Whatever you focus on will expand and be brought to your conscious awareness”.

Think about your biggest challenge in life right now. If you spend your time thinking about a problem, your unconscious brain will filter all the information being thrown at you and present you with more evidence to support the problem. Your brain likes being right.

Try shifting your focus from the problem to the solution. What is it you really want to accomplish? The problem shouldn’t be your focus. Focus on the ideal solution long enough, and your brain will shift gears. It will start providing evidence (evidence that is already around you, but not consciously recognized) that you can use to work towards the solution and around or through the problem.

Professional athletes focus on the ideal outcome and then visualize all the steps necessary to make it happen. Focus on “not falling”, and your brain gets caught up in the “falling” portion of the process.

Know what you want and focus on the results, not the obstacles. Change your thoughts to change your world. It works.

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